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The microFET line of muscle testing products, manufactured by Hoggan Health, allows medical professionals to accurately test patients and create treatment plans based upon reliable data.

microFET 2 Handheld Dynamometer - $989.00

Cando Exercise Resistance Bands

Cando Exercise Resistance Bands

Manual Dexterity Tests

We carry several different dexterity tests for occupational therapy and evaluation, including the Complete Minnesota Test, the Purdue Pegboard Test, Pegboard Tests, and several Mechanics Hand Tool Tests.
Minnesota Dexterity Test

Upper Body Ergometers

Upper Body Ergometer


Ultrasound Therapy

Flexibility Testing

We carry sit and reach testers and other instruments that are ideal for flexibility testing in schools and clinics.

Flexibility Tester Sit and Reach Box

A selection of goniometers sure to meet your needs.


Hand Dynamometer

Hand Dynamometers are used for testing hand grip strength. ProHealthcareProducts.com carries top brands such as Baseline, Jamar, DynEx,Lafayette, Tekdyne, and more. Choose from our selection of hydraulic, pneumatic, and electronic hand grip dynamometers.